Spring is in the air!

Spring is all about new beginnings and we’re hoping this will ring true for us as well! Yesterday, we had our post op follow up for Jack and received great news! His MRI looked excellent and showed that the space the cyst occupied is decreasing significantly and things look like they are on a great course for his surgery to be successful. We have been anxiously waiting for this news for several weeks and feel so relieved for him! He will continue to be followed for some time by his neurosurgeon but things are looking very optimistic for him. He will go back for another MRI in three months. A great deal of our anxiety was also relieved as Colton and Myles also had an MRI as a precaution yesterday. Their results were completely normal and there was no evidence of a cyst for either one of them. Thank goodness!! I can’t even describe how grateful we are for the care we received from both our pediatrician and the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital to turn Jack’s situation into a positive one. Jack is doing well after his surgery and over these past weeks has slowly been returning to his old self. He is back to his adventurous little ways. He is still a little nervous around strangers but who can blame him for all he’s been through. I’m certainly glad he won’t remember any of his crazy little ordeal with brain surgery!

Otherwise, we are in a calm place right now…as calm as it can be anyways. It’s funny how life reminds you to count your blessings. As the boys were getting close to turning one, I’ll admit I was feeling very stressed. The days seemed so overwhelming as we were transitioning our schedule, taking away bottles, adding in snacks, and just having three babies turning into toddlers in general. It was John’s busy season at work. Kylie was getting stir crazy being cooped up in this house… really we all were. And then it felt like we got hit by a freight truck with Jack’s diagnosis and the resulting roller coaster ride that has been our last few months. I did end up quitting my job as it just reached that tipping point of being too difficult to juggle it all. A lot of emotions went with that. Life is all about opening and closing doors and right now it seems to be giving me a shove in a certain direction. So now, as I learn to be a stay at home mom, I can’t help but chuckle… these last few months took us on quite a crazy ride of ups and downs and I feel like we’ve finally crawled back to even ground. I just want to lay down and kiss it! I’m thanking God for miracles and Jack is definitely one of them. So now, we move forward. Spring is here and with it hopefully a fresh start. I’m so very thankful that no matter what the day brings in commotion and chaos, I can kiss four little heads goodnight when it’s over.




This moment

It is beautiful, cherished

Your little body so warm in my arms

Your head against my chest

Your small hand over my heart

It seems to make my heartbeat louder

Stronger somehow

This moment

I’ve never felt more alive

Your soft, steady breathing against my neck

Feels like a whisper of I love you

I whisper it back into the quiet darkness

You cling to me

And I to you

The world continues to go on around us

A buzz of noise

But this moment

I’ve never felt more at peace, more calm

You are safe in my arms

We sit and rock in the night

I hope to never let go

And sometimes I cry

Because this life, it’s hard

But this moment

It is beautiful

Jack comes home…

Jack spent two days in the PICU. He put up quite the fight and went through at least three IVs. It was extremely difficult holding an agitated 13 month old hooked up to all those lines and cords and movement was only possible within a two foot radius for two days. Eventually, Jack won the battle and when his last IV came out the nurses decided it wasn’t even worth it to get another one in him. He was transferred to the regular floor where he enjoyed much more freedom and vitals only needed to be checked every four hours. Jack was pretty happy with that plan.


Jack was seeming to feel better at that point but he really turned around when Kylie came to visit that day. It almost made me cry and still brings tears to my eyes just thinking of the special bond between siblings. It was absolutely heartwarming to see Jack’s eyes light up when Kylie came into his room. That was the first glimpse of the “old Jack” we had had since his surgery and it just felt so right to see Kylie and Jack get to play together. Kylie told Jack that she “really liked his hat.” She was able to sit with him and even get him to eat a little bit- just a few Cheerios but it was the most success we’d had up until that point.


Kylie also got to have her own little picnic again.


It was sad to see her go that evening but she reassured Jack to not worry, that she would come back to see him the next day. And she did. She gave him rides around in a wagon and had fun playing with toys with him.


Each day Jack seemed to feel a little better. We were relieved that he was doing well as we got further out from his surgery date. He spent six days in the hospital in all and was discharged home today. He is already back to walking around and playing with his toys. He will continue anti seizure meds and steroids as a precaution for a few days and then we will plan to follow up for another quick MRI in a few weeks to re-assess his progress. We are hopefull everything will look good and in the meantime we’ll have to work out a new hairdo for Jack!


Jack and Mac the Moose

It happened at our one year check up for the boys. It was more of a side note, really, something that was just mentioned in passing at the end of the appointment. Not much cause for concern yet, but something we should have checked out none the less. Jack’s head circumference had been creeping up, faster than the rest of his body. Our pediatrician thought it would be best to see a specialist in Iowa City for some imaging. It was hard to decide if we should be worried. On one hand, Jack was doing great developmentally and was reaching all of his milestones on time. All the boys were, but Jack was usually the first to figure things out. He was crawling, climbing, walking… he was eating great and drinking out of a sippy cup. I couldn’t imagine anything could be wrong! But then again, the boys were identical so shouldn’t their head circumference be following the same pattern? We were seen in Iowa City within a week and Jack had a quick MRI. He did fine until they strapped the last piece over his head, and then he decided to scream. Luckily, he was in and out within only a few minutes. He was awarded a little stuffed moose when it was over. We named him Mac. Then we met with someone in the neurosurgery clinic for the results. We waited anxiously hoping to hear all was fine so we could be on our way.


It was not the case. Jack had what was determined to be an arachnoid cyst on the left side of his brain. It was explained to us that these are often incidental findings on MRIs, sometimes people go their whole lives and don’t know they have them. In this case though, Jack’s was very large and it was shifting his brain towards the right side of his skull. It would most likely need surgery. And just like that, our world came crashing down. We had so many questions and so many fears and there was so much waiting that would be done. Time would tell how this would affect Jack, and maybe, by some miracle, it would have no effect on him whatsoever. We drove home from that appointment and I couldn’t help but cry… poor Jack was going to go through some hard times and he would need that little moose. Jack and Mac were in this fight together…


In the weeks that followed, Jack was scheduled for an EEG which was abnormal as expected but at least ruled out any evidence of seizures. He also saw an ophthalmologist but thankfully his eyes looked good and there was not excess pressure on his optic nerve. He did need a repeat MRI, this time under sedation, to get a more clear picture of the cyst. This revealed the cyst to be really quite large and, shockingly, it extended all the way down to his brain stem. His brain was shifted up and toward the right with the left side clearly not as developed as the right. In all of this, he had no neurological symptoms which increased his chances of a good prognosis. He would need surgery though. He was scheduled for a craniotomy with fenestration- a procedure to create openings for the cyst to drain and be absorbed within his body to hopefully relieve some of the pressure on his brain.

On February 19th, he underwent his procedure. John and I sat for 6 hours in a waiting area hoping and praying for a good outcome. It was reassuring to know that we had family and friends everywhere doing the same. Everything with his procedure went as planned, thankfully, and we were reunited with him in the pediatric ICU where he would be staying for a few days.


Jack has always been our “strong man” but we found out just how much of a fighter he is! When he woke up he woke up swinging. He was almost impossible to calm and “agitated” didn’t even begin to describe how he felt about his current situation. It was pretty rough for him for the first several hours and he remained pretty restless through the night. He did get another quick MRI which looked good and showed that at least swelling wasn’t increasing around his brain. He is starting to calm down a bit now and at least has increased periods of rest in between his little fits. The poor child is exhausted so hopefully he will get some better rest today. Initially he was eating well but then started vomiting through the night. He’s still feeling pretty rough overall so we’re hoping things will turn around a bit today. He’ll stay in ICU for now but may be transferred to a regular post surgical floor tomorrow.

One year old!

Myles, Jack, and Colton are one year old!!! This was a day that seemed so far away at first but sure enough…we’ve arrived! Things have definitely been getting a little more hectic. Colton started crawling shortly after the boys turned 9 months old. Their world became much bigger and a bit harder to control. Then we dropped another nap so we were down to two. It was around this point they decided to use all of their energy to pull books off shelves and scatter toys around with alarming speed. Still, it was so fun to watch them discover new things and become more active in their play. Halloween was an absolute blast and they loved hanging out with Kylie to “see how it’s done.” Kylie was old enough this year to enjoy all of the festivities and the boys were young enough to play the part of her little knights in shining armor. 0870 Oct 2018 MJC0882 Oct 20180891 Oct 2018

Then things got a little more intense as they learned how to stand up- Jack first, a few days later Myles, and, of course, Colton a few weeks later.

0914 Nov 2018 JCM

Grandpa Sisk came for a visit and set to work grooming them to be little future farmers.

0902 Nov 2018 MJC

And then, Colton shocked us all by getting his first tooth! In my mind, these boys had been teething for months and we finally had a tooth! Then, just a few days later we had 10 month old boys!

0932 Nov 2018 MJC

They were on the move and we had to up our game a bit to stay ahead of them. Kylie also began to figure out some unique ways to avoid having to share her toys with them.

0941 Nov 2018 MJC

1001 Dec 2018 MJC

We enjoyed every moment of the holiday season. We were so thankful that we could enjoy this year all together and I had a personal goal of shocking John with how many presents I could fit underneath the tree. It was a season to celebrate!

1018 Dec 2018 CMJ

Just keeping it real, though, it was also exhausting for John and I…

1039 Dec 2018

We were nearing our one year mark. We were in the process of transitioning to sippy cups, eating a variety of solid foods, and taking away pacifiers…  Myles and Jack took their first steps and Colton was getting brave enough to stand on his own. At times, our house was complete chaos- everybody talking (or screaming), children and toys everywhere, and, oh, don’t even get me started on our meal time routines! Myles weighed 19 lbs 7 ounces and was 28 inches tall. Jack weighed 20 lbs 8 ounces and was 28 inches tall. Colton weighed 19 lbs 1 ounce and was 28.5 inches tall. We were hopeful that another year was going to bring great things. And then, it was finally here… the day the boys turned one! Happy Birthday, Myles, Jack, and Colton!!



Happy birthday indeed. John and I were ready to celebrate- we survived our first year with triplets (and a Kylie)! We were so excited to pass another major milestone…for a few days anyway…

Life was about to throw another curveball our way…

Nine Month Milestone

It’s hard to believe that these boys are nine months old. Everything about this past year has gone so fast! Around 6 months, we introduced the wonderful world of purees to the boys. From the beginning, Jack has absolutely loved eating. Myles and Colton took a little while to warm up to the idea.

0554 Jul 2018 MJC

Their next achievement was learning to sit up on their own.

0628 Aug 2018 MJC

This was the month that we were finally able to clear the rock n plays out from our living room and get everyone napping in their cribs upstairs. It felt good to get a little bit of our living space back to “normal.” It was exhausting hauling everyone upstairs for naps though because they were still taking four naps a day. That’s over 30 trips up and down the steps a day at a minimum! It was around this time that I started wondering why we didn’t build a ranch style home. The days continued to fly by and before we knew it, we had seven month old boys!

0616 Aug 2018 MJC

We were finally able to drop down to three naps a day. I can’t say they napped well, usually everyone was waking after 30 minutes. They all slept great at night though so I wasn’t about to push my luck. Our other excitement this month was taking them on our first road trip as a family of six. We drove across Iowa to visit John’s grandparents and even spent a night in a hotel. The boys didn’t like being in their car seats so much and there was a fair amount of crying involved. All in all, we survived and even returned home with this odd feeling of achievement that we really could continue to do “normal” things…if we tried really, really hard. There was certainly a fair amount of stress involved with trying to live life outside our home so it’s not too much of a surprise that my favorite place to be with everyone was, indeed, home. We had a routine. And it was fun to watch everyone learn how to play together. The boys fit right in with Kylie’s dolls and Kylie had endless amounts of things that she needed to teach them.

0684 Sep 2018

0722 Sep 2018 MJC

0711 Sep 2018 MJC

I’m not really sure why, but apparently we had a short period of time there where we felt we were really gaining control. We took it a little bit farther and went on a 12 hour road trip to North Dakota for a family wedding in October. Our confidence took a hit about two hours into that little adventure- about the time we stopped for our first round of bottles. Somewhere around this time Colton and Myles decided to make taking a bottle a tedious event that requires 12 rounds of burping and about 45 minutes. I keep blaming it on teething but not one tooth has popped up yet. Thank goodness for Jack, who still eats like a champ. Once again, though, we survived and have the pictures to prove it.


Our routine is ever changing as the boys grow. Jack and Myles started crawling this month with Colton not far behind them. They are all jabbering, clapping, and waving. We are down to four bottles a day, a mix of milk and formula. Everyone is still sleeping well at night. Some things get easier as they play more with each other and other things get harder as they can move around almost faster than we can keep up with them now. It really is so fun to watch them grow. I find myself constantly snapping pictures because there are so many heartwarming moments living with four children and I want to remember every one of them. Of course, I won’t remember them all, but I sure hope those memories outweigh the times I feel like I’m living in a circus tent that’s on the verge of collapsing. Ha! Myles weighs 17 lbs 13 ounces and is 27 inches long. Jack weighs 19 lbs and is 27 inches long. Colton weighs 17 lbs 5 ounces and is 26 3/4 inches long. They are right on track with their milestones developmentally and we are so thankful for that. We are again heading into the holiday season and I can’t stop feeling so incredibly grateful to be able to celebrate it with John and these children. Last year, this was a time filled with hope but also so much uncertainty. I’m beyond excited for this year! Happy nine months, boys!




Six Month Milestone

Wow! I can’t believe we are halfway through the first year! These boys are starting to move around now! Everybody is rolling but Myles and Jack are the most active. Colton has become our little observer and is quite content to just lay on the floor and relax. Our other major accomplishment is that within the 5 month mark everyone was able to sleep through the night! There are still occasional trips back and forth for pacifiers. Are glow in the dark pacifiers a thing?  Anyway, we have 5 feedings during the day. It’s becoming more and more manageable to wash and prepare bottles now that we are down to 15!

0449 Jun 2018 MJC

I love watching these boys as they are starting to realize that they can interact with each other. They all absolutely love Kylie. She can make them laugh by just looking at them. It’s so sweet to see everybody begin to play with each other and it makes us excited for all that is ahead!

0477.1 Jun 2018 JMC0364 Jun 2018 MJC

0469 Jun 2018 CMJ.JPG

Before we made it to our sixth month, one of my greatest fears became a reality. I have always been worried about how we would manage when any of the babies got sick. Of course it was going to happen at some point. Our house got hit with a pretty violent stomach bug. It started with Myles on a Saturday morning. The poor child couldn’t keep anything down. By the next day, all six of us had fallen ill. I don’t even know what else to say about it other than it was the worst couple of days we’ve had in quite awhile. Thank goodness that’s over!

As much as that experience made me want to stay away from people and GERMS, we also had to venture out into the public at some point, too. After all, it’s been six months! There’s a first time for everything… there’s also a last. Ha! We tried to ease into the community with a Target run. I tried very hard to look inconspicuous as I wandered the aisles with my three babies and toddler who also insisted on wearing HER baby. Not sure it worked…


We also headed to the zoo… but it turned out that we could have been our own exhibit. Apparently bright lime green strollers with four seats attract some attention 😜


So here we are… Six months! Everyone is 25 1/4 inches in length. Myles weighs 14 pounds 14 ounces while Jack is 15 pounds 3 ounces and Colton is 14 pounds 3 ounces.


I’m so proud of Myles, Jack and Colton for all they are able to do. It’s so fun to watch them learn and grow! They are so close to be able to sit up and currently Colton is in the lead. I’m also proud of Kylie as she figures out her new role as big sister. She loves being a part of all the day to day “chores” involved in taking care of babies.   It’s been half a year but John and I still look at these four kids of ours in amazement. We still can’t believe these little faces are ours to love!



Four Month Milestone

These little boys are growing up! I can’t believe how fast time has gone. It seems like just yesterday we were stumbling through our days exhausted and in a daze. I will say this… we are still exhausted but I definitely feel like we are starting to turn a corner. These guys are getting so fun!

0289 Apr 2018 MJC

Shortly after they hit two months we received the results of the DNA test. It confirmed what we suspected… we have identical triplets! We couldn’t help but feel lucky all over again learning this news since the odds of identical triplets are in the one-in-a-million zone. These little boys were simply meant to be a part of our lives and a part of our family. Honestly, there are times it feels as though this entire last year never happened. It all feels so amazing and so surreal. Then I look at our four beautiful children and realize it did. It DID happen. I’m so very, very glad it did. Now, I’d be lying if I told you that everything was rainbows and butterflies. There are still a lot of ups and downs, a lot of steps forward and steps back. There are still tears. But there are fewer moments in which I feel like we’re drowning and more moments in which I think we just might make it yet….someday. We’ll get there. People often tell me they don’t know how I do it. Well, it’s simple really…skittles. Lots of them! In reality, we aren’t doing it alone. We have so much help and for that we are grateful daily.


Myles, Jack, and Colton are four months old now.  Myles weighs 13 pounds, Jack weighs 13 pounds 6 ounces, and Colton weighs 12 pounds 8 ounces. They smile and giggle and are so sweet to cuddle. We are down to 6 bottles each a day and they only take one bottle in the night. We are now getting a good chunk of sleep at night which is life changing. I no longer argue with John in my dreams so I have to believe we’re making some level of progress. I am back to working two days a week for a total of 16 hours. It can be overwhelming at times but overall it feels like a good balance. Kylie is an incredible big sister. She loves helping to take care of her baby brothers. She reads or sings to them, helps pick out their clothes, and has a lot of fun playing with them. When I look at these crazy kids of ours I can’t help but think we are in for a lot of adventures. I am excited for what’s to come. Like I said, we’ll get there… I don’t know where the heck we’re going yet but as long as we arrive there together I’m happy.

0330 May 2018 JMC0326 May 2018

Two Month Milestone

Shortly after getting everyone home we had family pictures taken. I had been looking at newborn photos of triplets throughout my pregnancy as a sort of motivation to get through the rough parts. We were so lucky to get beautiful pictures that capture the miracle and blessing of our triplets. (Photo credits to Kelli with Bearfoot Photography in Bettendorf)

002 MJC011 MJC029 MJC043 MJC

015 M


020 J


005 C


026 CJM

Our first weeks home with Myles, Jack and Colton were a blur. In fact, they still are a bit blurry but I will start from the beginning. We were on a three hour schedule for feeding them and everybody stayed on that schedule. Yes, that meant we often had to wake a sleeping baby… Really, they didn’t do much in between eating other than sleep and, well, you know… We changed at least 24 diapers a day and prepared and washed 24 bottles. Our life existed in 12 hour blocks of time which was spent trying to prepare for the next 12 hour block of time. Luckily, we had a lot of help! One of our neighborhood friends helped during the day and John’s mom stayed to help at night so we were really never alone. I had the goal of trying to nurse at least one or all of the triplets but it was a struggle to fit that into our already busy routine. Instead I pumped every two hours and they took all their feeds by bottle. In the beginning, I was able to produce about 2/3 of what they needed and we supplemented with bottles of formula at night in hopes of them sleeping longer.

0101 Feb 2018 MJC

0129 Feb 2018 MJC

About two weeks after we all came home, right around their one month milestone we started seeing Myles struggle with eating. It started with him spitting up more and progressed pretty rapidly over a period of only a few days. The spit up increased to the point of him throwing up a good portion of his bottle at times even though other times he could take the bottle well only to throw up a few hours later. I knew something wasn’t right but it didn’t make sense why at first his symptoms seemed to come and go. By the next day, he was barely keeping anything down and was more tired and just seemed less alert. We took him to our pediatrician who said it could be either reflux or pyloric stenosis. He ordered an ultrasound to rule out the latter but it turned out to be positive. We were informed we were to go back to the University of Iowa Children’s hospital as it would need to be corrected surgically. I cried. The thought of my tiny little baby who hadn’t even reached his actual due date yet going through surgery had me terrified. We packed our bags and headed back to the children’s hospital and all the emotions that went along with it. That night Myles was hooked up to IV fluids and laparoscopic surgery was scheduled for the next day.

Thankfully, all went well with his procedure and he spent the next 24 hours being monitored and returning to normal bottle feeding. It was a two day stay and then we were discharged home. And so began the next chapter of our journey which I will not so fondly refer to as “the month the pyloric stenosis diagnosis kicked us in the rear…”

We brought Myles home and tried to find our new normal again. He struggled with chest congestion for the week following the surgery but otherwise returned to his old self. I brought him back to our pediatrician for his one week post op check up and all looked well. I even looked the doctor square in the eye, smiled, and gave a hopeful promise he wouldn’t see us again until our two month follow up with the triplets. It was not to be. One week after that both Colton and Jack started spitting up a little bit more. This time I thought for sure it was just reflux but scheduled an appointment just in case. After all, I was told pyloric stenosis was not that common of a diagnosis. We went to our doctor on Friday and were prescribed reflux medication which we started that night. On Saturday morning, I had myself convinced that Jack was showing the same symptoms that Myles had but was instructed to give the medication a day or so to start working. Colton seemed to be staying about the same and I figured he was just going to be one of those “happy spitter” kids. Jack went on a downward spiral quickly and by Saturday night wasn’t keeping much of his bottles down. We went straight to the ER and requested an ultrasound. It, of course, confirmed that Jack also had pyloric stenosis. Since it was the weekend, we were instructed that we had to go through the Iowa City ER to get admitted. Once there, the pediatric surgeons said it was logical that Jack would get it as he was identical to Myles. Poor Jack went through the same procedure. He was not as tolerant of it as Myles though and he did not appreciate the night he had to spend on fluids and not eating. Thankfully the nurses were kind and Jack was cute and they snuggled him at the nurses desk while I managed to snag a few hours of sleep in between the crying. It was terrible to see another one of my babies go through something so uncomfortable. John would visit during the day and then go home at night to take care of the other two boys and Kylie with his mom. Jack was discharged on a Tuesday and I felt so happy to once again walk out of that hospital but I was fearful it wasn’t the last I would see of the place.

That Saturday we got lucky with a good deal and finally bought our minivan! We took Kylie with us and she was thrilled to be a part of this major family accomplishment. Kylie of course wanted to ride in the van with daddy while I followed them home in the car. I laughed as I followed behind John in that van because it reminded me of a time 10 years ago when he bought his first truck. At the time, I thought there was something kind of attractive about a guy driving a truck. This time I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself because…there’s something pretty attractive about a guy who owns a minivan 😉 I was so happy because this purchase felt like our last step in our transition to a family of six.

0202 Mar 2018

That night, Colton took a turn for the worse. He started the classic projectile vomiting after his bottle in the evening and when we woke him to feed during the night he just continued. This time we were smart enough to know that we just needed to go straight to the Iowa City ER since it was during the weekend. Once there, we shocked the pediatric surgeons who consulted with us with a third diagnosis of pyloric stenosis. We returned to the children’s hospital. I spent another two days sitting in a rocking chair holding my sick baby while watching HGTV and eating pop tarts.

0206 Mar 2018 C

I told the doctor this made me question if Colton really was the fraternal triplet or if they were all identical. They really do all look the same. The doctor said he would be highly suspicious of them all being identical. He said he sees this often in twins but has never seen triplets that all three had pyloric stenosis. So, I’ve ordered a simple DNA test to find out. Stay tuned!

In the meantime we’ve hit the two month milestone! Myles and Colton weigh 9 lbs 4 ounces and Jack weighs 9 lbs 14 ounces. We are still going strong on a three hour schedule. They go through about 90 ounces a day now but I’m only able to provide around 50 ounces. We can go about 4 hours (5 on a good night) in between bottles at night but there’s still a lot of time spent patting and shushing and finding pacifiers. In all reality, they are super good babies… it’s just that there are three of them to keep things exhausting! It’s starting to get pretty fun now though as they are becoming more alert and interact a little bit. We are starting to see the smiles and hear the coos and the snuggles make it all worth it. They are really calm most of the time but they all like to be held. They get a little more fussy in the evenings so that can get a little more hectic while trying to convince a two year old that going to bed is a good idea. We have a crazy life right now but we’re surviving! It helps if John and I just agree not to speak to each other in the wee hours of the morning. And there are times all we can do is laugh at the amount of us crying at one time! Even in the chaos of it all we know we have a lot to be thankful for and we are grateful for the little milestones that make it worth it!



All Together Again!

One week after the triplets arrived, I had hit a wall. I had just been discharged from the hospital again the day before. Monday, January 29, I felt like I was spiraling downward. I had no appetite, I could barely eat, and felt like I was on my last reserve of energy. I was worried this was still some residual effects of hellp syndrome and was advised by the nurse on call to go get checked out again. So back to labor and delivery I went. My blood pressure was even higher than the day before. They repeated some lab work and even though they labeled it as “stable” it was clear that my liver was not happy. They admitted me to monitor me again. John stayed in the children’s hospital with the boys at night and during the day would bring Myles to visit me.


I stayed two more nights and was discharged a third time on Wednesday. By then I was feeling a lot better and I felt comforted by the fact that my blood pressure was getting pretty close to normal. I was hoping I was done with this fun little game of being discharged, re-admitted and pleading with these doctors to just listen to me! I joined John that day in the children’s hospital. Kylie came to visit and enjoyed one of her picnics.






We stayed that night in the room with the boys and then headed home on Thursday. Myles had his first pediatric appointment. I was so happy to see he had already gained a few ounces from birth! It was great to be home that night and feel like we could get some of our chaos under control. The best part was NOT eating hospital food!


On Friday morning we headed back to Iowa City and our “home” in the children’s hospital. Jack and Colton were doing better with their feeding and it was looking optimistic for Jack to discharge soon.







We were watching their little personalities develop already. Jack was calm and mostly would just sleep. Myles required a little more attention. He liked to be snuggled and he seemed to love his pacifier. We were wondering if Colton will have a bit of a temper. He had these little outbursts and set his alarms off with his heart rate most often. He already spent a lot of his time trying to break out of his swaddle. So far, he seemed like he would be the most like Kylie. It made for fun nights with all of us crammed into their room.

We stayed the weekend and our days became a mad frenzy of diaper changes, bottle feedings, pumping, washing bottles,  and repeating… We are over achievers so we even threw in a few baby baths and a load of laundry. Every now and then we’d get this wonderful little lull in activity where all babies were fed, changed, and sleeping and John and I could just sit and stare at each other in wonder and say, “I can’t believe we have triplets…”

On Sunday, John even got to have his first Super Bowl party with “the boys.”


Jack, Myles, and Colton


Jack was looking like he was going to discharge on Monday with Colton not far behind. However, once they started letting Colton have a little more control over how much he could eat, he decided to catch up. On Monday morning, we got the best surprise that both boys could go home! We were supposed to get a lot of snow that day so it became a mad scramble to get all three boys ready to go and on the road.

B5E15A68-782A-4498-B181-154D637B6D72EF25B0C8-2309-46D3-9A3F-5BCAF3782C4AExactly two weeks after they were born, we were going home with the triplets! We were so excited to see Kylie again and have our family all together. I will always consider our family so blessed to have been able to have minimal complications throughout this triplet journey. One of my greatest fears had been pre-eclampsia and  if that would shorten the pregnancy. We are so lucky that that fear was the only one that became a reality and it was after the triplets were born safe and sound. These little boys are one of our greatest gifts given to us in life along with Kylie and we know that these four children will bring wonderful adventures. We are so happy to be home! Let this new chapter begin!